Between The Pitons, Saint Lucia

Natalie Martin Dress , Céline Shoes

Natalie Martin Dress, Céline Shoes

A beautiful first afternoon and evening after landing in Saint Lucia. The 45-minute cab ride into Viceroy Sugar Beach was a bit pricier than most places we have been to for a transfer, but I think that's the little unique point about this island – you can't really get anywhere without taking a taxi (so makes it a bit difficult to explore on your own). The driver also sits on the right side, so if you are not used to that, I would not really recommend renting a car as that would be a little frightening as the island is full of steep hills and incredibly windy roads. Once we arrived on the property, I was in awe of our incredibly spacious room and bath area, with the dreamiest view out into the ocean. We then headed to a lovely buffet dinner on the beach listening to the sound of the waves and live music.

Town of  Soufrière

Town of Soufrière

The second day we had breakfast, relaxed on the property, then took a ride to have lunch at Dasheene, a restaurant at Ladera Resort. They are known for astounding views and I highly recommend getting a seat where you can get a good look of both the Pitons. We stopped by the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens to see some beautiful florals, plant life, and waterfall. We also drove through the town of Soufriere, which was really great to see the city life and how the locals live.

Room service for breakfast on our veranda

Room service for breakfast on our veranda

Natalie Martin Dress , Celine Sandals,  Sophie Andersen Bag ,  Janessa Leone Hat , Cutler and Gross Sunglasses

Natalie Martin Dress, Celine Sandals, Sophie Andersen Bag, Janessa Leone Hat, Cutler and Gross Sunglasses

Saint Lucia was an incredibly lush island full of rainforests, waterfalls, volcanic beaches and fishing villages. Weather-permitting, I've also heard good things about the hiking, zip-lining, buggy rides, and horse-back riding here. I want to give a special thank you to Viceroy Sugar Beach for being such a wonderful host and presenting us with a beautiful experience.

Photos by Hoon Kim and I

In collaboration with Viceroy Sugar Beach; thoughts and opinions are my own.

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