Pumpkin Patch NYC

Google had a really cool event called The Photos Pumpkin Patch this past Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 12–8pm in Times Square. They set up an interactive pumpkin patch in the heart of Times Square and it was really fun seeing locals and tourists alike have a great time! I attended as a Google Photos App Ambassador and had a really fun time documenting the event. There were treats, live music, super talented pumpkin carvers making some crazy cut-outs... plus, any visitors were able to take the pumpkins home!

The Google Photos App though is my go-to when organizing my photos on my phone and I use it as a back up to auto-transfer my photos to my computer. If you are not using it or have not had the chance to download it yet, you must! It helps you search and find photos really quickly and has some awesome features such as detecting similar photos and creating gifs and movies for you. I mean, what's more important than keeping those memories close to your heart saved somewhere safe? :) Check out #PumpkinPatchNYC on Instagram for more photos from the event!

Photos by Me

In collaboration with Google; thoughts and opinions are my own.

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